Startups moving towards the final pitches…


The time is nearly upon us for the final pitches… teams are currently running their practice pitches with mentors, iterating their message, and refining their designs. The final ideas moving into the pitching round are…

Competitive word game where school users define words their teachers have set, they can play against other users
expedia meets spotify for online courses. is an aggregator for all the online courses available out there. Users can also create a courses playlist and share it with their social network.

Personal learning timeline to track all your informal learning achievements.
Helps people to find jobs that really fit their skills, knowledge & interests.

Guilty as charged
A Physics game that educates the players how charged particles behave in magnetic field. Team of three – 2 developers and 1 Physics student.

We are a Social Enterprise web startup who provides an ever-changing range of inspirational images, quotes, ideas and text to help inspire pupils and teachers in their classrooms.

Twenty-Two-22 (Robophon)
We create educational apps that fulfil niche elements.We know what real teachers want because we are real teachers.

My Little Buddy
Developing online resources to enhance social skills for children aged 5 – 7 via nurturing an online avatar, whose personality characteristics can be adjusted by parents and teachers to reflect the child’s particular challenges. The child helps the avatar through typical real life scenarios that require specific social skills and are set off line challenges to practice them..

WeLimu (Fridge Team)
An online portal where 16-24 year old students upload & publish their 1st round interview videos. Corporates looking to hire apprentices & interns can purchase access to the catalog of videos, which serve as cost-effect 1st round of job screening.

Ready to Read
Tackling illiteracy by helping parents to practice key skills with their child between age 5-9.

Reading Readiness
We are addressing the problem of reading difficulties with early intervention by teaching children Pre literacy Auditory Processing skills through the use of fun interactive Apps, both games and e-books.

Concept; Learn something new in 60 secs.

The reasons the Team were drawn was because of the simplicity of the concept, the awesome team members, potential to build concept in a weekend, a great idea and able to enrich people’s lives.

Web and app platform comic book creator with sounds. This has social networking capabilities with multi-media blogging, publishing and collaborations.


A cloud for documents, recent projects and theses written by students and professionals in a chosen field. This  creates a marketplace for companies to find research in their area, and for students to monetize their work.

Student tutors

A platform for University students to tutor in the subject they are studying for. Students negotiate rates, create their own packages and tutor in a virtual classroom environment.

English course for aliens

An avatar based game for kids to learn english.

Which do you think has the best chance of winning prizes and possibly investment to move forward? Tweet your thoughts on#SWLondonEdu, and look out for a link to the live streamed presentations